Stainless Steel Wire Baskets

Is your business in need of high-quality wire baskets that are able to withstand the harmful effects of corrosion? Stainless steel baskets from can provide the solution. We offer round and rectangular stainless steel baskets manufactured by Three M Tool, a leader in industrial metal fabrication processes for more than 60 years. Choose a durable stainless steel basket from our in-stock inventory that is ready for immediate shipment, or create your own unique basket design based on the specific needs of your business.

In-Stock Metal Baskets

Select from Two Types of Stainless Steel

Our wire baskets offer the choice of two types of stainless steel base material to meet the challenges of your work environment. 304 stainless steel is the most common type of industrial stainless steel grade and offers adequate corrosion resistance in wet or mildly caustic environments. If your work environment is one where corrosion is a major issue, 316 stainless steel provides superior resistance for long-lasting corrosion protection.

We've Simplified the Custom Stainless Steel Wire Basket Process

While many companies are able to locate the ideal stainless steel basket for their needs by browsing the extensive inventory, we also understand that some companies and industries have more specific basket requirements. By taking advantage of our easy-to-use, real-time online tool, you can design a customized stainless steel wire basket, such as medical or laboratory baskets, by entering your unique specifications. Three M Tool can have your baskets ready for shipment in as little as two weeks.

The Best Customer Service in the Stainless Steel Wire Basket Industry

Organizations such as General Mills, Kraft, Lockheed-Martin, and even various branches of the U.S. military have used to order food industry baskets, laboratory baskets, and parts baskets. You'll get help from a knowledgeable customer service representative whenever you call during normal business hours, and you can also receive a quick response if you choose to contact us via email.


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